I Affirm Today - The Power of Affirmations, Visualization, and Planning is Author Nicole Decandas’ first published work. It features 8 packed chapters which describe how an Affirmation Process helped her achieve her goals. Included are pages taken from Nicole’s personal journal. Learn how to use Nicole’s easy to follow, 8-Step Affirmation Process to... 



● Create your own affirmations using “I affirm today...” as the igniting statement 

● Combine journaling and planning as goal-setting tools 

● Incorporate visualization to crystalize your image of success



Nicole Decandas is a self-care, motivational speaker/blogger and public-school educator. She is a graduate of Norfolk State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in early childhood education and completed her graduate studies at Regent University with a Master of Education degree in administration and supervision. In addition to her work as an educator for over two decades, Nicole has presented nationally on educational topics. She is currently the founder of NDG, LLC; an educational and business consulting company. It is Nicole Decandas’ mission to educate and coach others on the benefits of self-care and self-actualization. She currently lives in Norfolk, VA.