Point of View

The first time a dream presents itself it is vivid, crystal clear. It’s as if we can just reach out and touch it.  Optimism and hope know no bounds.  As we seek after what we see sometimes life gets in the way.  Obstacles cloud our view of what use to be easily seen.  What has … Continue reading Point of View


I Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Pursue My Dreams

It is human nature to seek the approval or guidance from those around us when considering our next steps.  However, be selective of who you make a confidant.  One major stumbling block is when you ecstatically share your aspirations and you are confronted with... unconstructive criticism doubt fear your past failures jealousy/envy Take a good … Continue reading I Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Pursue My Dreams

> Than

My grandmother use to say, "Never give anyone the opportunity treat you less than".  At the time she said this to me I was too young to understand or fully appreciate the implications of what this statement meant.  Now I know!  In life you will find people who do not value you nor your gifts to the … Continue reading > Than