It Is OK to Start Over, But It Is Never OK to Quit

A few weeks ago I rededicated myself to blogging, posting more on social media and sticking to the timeline for my book’s, I Affirm Today, release date.  Three weeks later and this is the first time that I have posted anything motivational, and my schedule is all out of whack.  Why?  The challenges in my […]

Good Vibes Only: How to Close the Day Part III

Having a routine to conclude the day is equally as important as the one you have for starting your day. Listed below are six recommendations for a Good vibes night’s sleep. Have a nightly routine to indicate to your body that it is time to rest.   Make winding down a predictable process. Include preparing for […]

Good Vibes Only: Vibe Vampires – Part II

Thanks to Sci-Fi we know to stock up on silver bullets for werewolves, how survive a zombie apocalypses, and holy water or wooden stakes handy for vampires. Whatever shall we do to ward off Vibe Vampires?  Vibe Vampires have one mission and one mission only, to sap you dry of positive energy. Unfortunately, these people are everywhere […]

Good Vibes Only: How to Start Your Day – Part I

The constructs of society makes it difficult to stay positive.  Our minds are bombarded by… 24 hour news cycles with minimal human interest stories but plenty of peril Social media chalked full of negative commentary, indelible images, gossip, and cyber bullying Toxic work environments, impatient people, and road rage It is a constant battle to […]