It Is OK to Start Over, But It Is Never OK to Quit

A few weeks ago I rededicated myself to blogging, posting more on social media and sticking to the timeline for my book’s, I Affirm Today, release date.  Three weeks later and this is the first time that I have posted anything motivational, and my schedule is all out of whack.  Why?  The challenges in my life took me off course.  Two weeks of not feeling well and deadlines at work took their toll.  My book is due for release on April 23rd, and I had more than a few setbacks with getting things done.  For example, the book cover needed major revisions and who I hired as a copywriter produced inferior work, so I was back at square 1.    Overall, I was feeling defeated and drained.  Well, I am back now, and you are probably wondering how.  The very words that took me almost two years of writing in my book got me to this point, I leaned heavily on affirmations.  It was essential for me to take the focus off of where I was (mentally, emotionally, and psychologically) and concentrate more on where I needed to go.   I had to ask myself, “Do you believe what you have written and have said about your life?”  Then I concentrated more on the steps necessary and forgave myself for missing the mark or being human.  I affirmed that everything will fall into place. That also meant hiring a new copywriter and graphic designer and not beating myself up for why things did not work out in the first place. It is OK to start over, but it is never OK to quit.

Ask yourself –

  • What are the steps you need to take to get back on track?
  • Have you forgiven yourself for being human?
  • Do you believe in you?

What is your affirmation?

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