Good Vibes Only: How to Close the Day Part III

Having a routine to conclude the day is equally as important as the one you have for starting your day. Listed below are six recommendations for a Good vibes night’s sleep.

  • Have a nightly routine to indicate to your body that it is time to rest.   Make winding down a predictable process. Include preparing for the next day as a part of your routine. For example, have an idea of what you plan to wear or your meals prepared in advance.
  • Sleeping with the television on does not promote rest. You have no idea what you are exposing your subconscious mind to while you are asleep.
  • Try to avoid arguments, unpleasant communication, or watching/listening to anything that is distressing before you close your eyes. Make it a point to reframe from stimuli that can be upsetting before bedtime.
  • Do not go to sleep with a cluttered mind. Clear your thoughts of issues or cares from the day. Worries are rarely resolved in your sleep.
  • Keep a glass of water on your nightstand in case you wake up thirsty. Respiration at night tends to dehydrate us during the night.
  • Let your last meal before bed be hours before you begin your nighttime routine. Digestion of certain foods can interrupt rest.

Nighttime Affirmation – I affirm today that my mind and spirit are at rest so I can replenish on every level.


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