Good Vibes Only: Vibe Vampires – Part II

Thanks to Sci-Fi we know to stock up on silver bullets for werewolves, how survive a zombie apocalypses, and holy water or wooden stakes handy for vampires. Whatever shall we do to ward off Vibe Vampires?  Vibe Vampires have one mission and one mission only, to sap you dry of positive energy. Unfortunately, these people are everywhere and avoiding them is nearly impossible.  However, you can equip yourself so that you do not become of victim of these good vibe mercenaries.

  • Like Energy Seeks Out Like Energy – It is important that you maintain your level of positive energy and that starts when you first wake up in the morning. People gravitate to people that are similar in personality and temperament.
  • Counteract Their Negativity With Positivity – For every snide comment, have a positive response.
  • Avoid Complaining – Misery loves a listening ear or an Amen corner. The moment you start to complain is an open invitation for Vibe Vampires to seek you out.
  • Present Possible Solutions to Problems – It will not take long to identify the people that would rather point out what is wrong versus doing their best to make it right.
  • Resist Positive Energy Black Holes – At work this could be the breakroom or the smoking area. In your personal life you may need to shy away from certain social circles or not take phone calls from people with a history of being negative or messy. Limit mediums that tend to promote out-of-whack vibes, for example, television or certain sites/forms of social media.
  • Limit Your Availability – Not everyone deserves your attention or access to you. No, you do not have to associate with people that bring your down. No, you do not have to attend events where the energy is off. Become a cameo appearances expert by popping in and out of events to show support.
  • Take A People Break – It is perfectly ok to have some alone time to recharge your batteries. I am an extravert but, I have moments when I hit a plateau when it comes to dealing with people. Occasionally, give yourself permission to fall off the grid.
  • Check Your Circle – Look at who you are primarily surrounded by on a daily basis (your close friends or confidants).

Guard your energy because it’s the lifeblood of your conscious.


Published by nicoledecandas

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