> Than

  • My grandmother use to say, “Never give anyone the opportunity treat you less than”.  At the time she said this to me I was too young to understand or fully appreciate the implications of what this statement meant.  Now I know!  In life you will find people who do not value you nor your gifts to the world.  They will undermine you, belittle you, or discount who you are.  This can only occur if you do not fully realize who you are and what your purpose is.  First stand firmly in the truth that you ARE greater than! Greater than what people think. Greater than what people feel about you. Greater than what people believe they know about you.

Your challenge this week it to create an affirmation that is based on the truth that you ARE greater than!  Let this prevailing thought and belief reign in your life.

Feel free to post your affirmation or share how knowing that you are greater than has impacted your life.


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